Column headers of Orders Sheet

Column headers of Orders Sheet

When you open your Orders sheet, you will see a number of column headers in the sheet. Now, we will see what each of these columns mean.

Column Headers and their purpose



Order No

Every order has a unique number that is automatically generated by Store.Link


The Date and Time information of the order

Shipping Method

Customer may request for Delivery or Pickup at the store

Transaction ID

When payment gateways like Stripe are used, you can find the order transaction ID here


List of the products that customer has placed order for

Order Total

Total amount of the order

You will see additional columns in the Order sheet. These columns correspond to the data that was filled by the customer in the Checkout Form. For example: Customer Name, Email etc.

If you add custom fields, new columns will be added to Order Sheet to reflect the same.


The sheet name "Orders" and above column headers in the table should not be edited, deleted or translated in the Google Sheet. They must remain as it is for the proper functioning of your Store.Link website.

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