How to add an image for your Product?

How to add an image for your Product?

You have the power to effortlessly showcase your products and grab customers' attention by adding attractive images to your e-commerce store.

Visit Products > Manage > Open Product Sheet to add a new image to your product.

You can add an image under thumbnail, image 1, and image 2 columns. Thumbnail is the first image shown to the customer.

Three methods to add image in the sheet

Method 1: You can add the raw URL of the image. In the below image you can see the encircled part.

Method 2: If you want to see the image preview inside the cell, you can use this formula =IMAGE(“raw URL”) inside the cell.

Method 3: You also have the option to upload images via dashboard. Visit Products > Gallery > Upload Images.

After uploading images, you can use our shortcut to Copy Image and paste the image inside the desired cell.

Once you paste the image, you will see the image preview inside the sheet.


You can select multiple images in the Gallery and paste them horizontally in a row with one copy-paste.


We support the following image formats JPG, PNG, GIF. We do not support TIFF or HEIC image formats.

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