How to update products from AppSheet

How to update products from AppSheet

You can use Google Appsheet to add or update new products in your store easily from your mobile phone.

You need a few steps to make AppSheet work with

  1. Go to Bots in the left sidebar and click on 'Create my first Automation' button.

  1. Click on "Create a new bot" button

  1. In When this EVENT Occurs section, choose "A Products record is created, updated, or deleted"

  1. In Run this Process section, select "Send a notification"

  1. On the right side, Choose the following options

    • Type: 'Call a webhook'

    • Url: (replace with your actual store link)

    • HTTP Verb: POST

Your final settings should look like the following image:

By setting up this, we will know when you make a change in your products sheet and we will update the store accordingly.

In Short:
Create a bot that calls a webhook notification when the product sheet is updated.

The webhook should send a POST request to the URL ''

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